Review: Out of Oz

Out of Oz
Out of Oz by Gregory Maguire

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I won’t go into detail on this one, but Maguire’s writing is as dense as ever, sometimes to the point of incoherence, but he has still managed to craft a sweeping tale of the land of Oz and all those we’ve come to love (or hate, if you’ve read the 3rd book) along with some new companions.

I found A Lion Among Men tedious and irritating and vowed never to even look in its direction again. Because of that, I had low expectations for Out of Oz. Fortunately Maguire managed to get back on track and finally tell the story we WANTED to read. In fact, you could skip the 3rd book completely and get away with no more confusion than you would otherwise. And honestly, I suggest it, as A Lion Among Men just isn’t worth anyone’s time.

As always, Gregory Maguire leaves a lot open to interpretation and nothing ends the way we want it. However, in a world of happy endings it’s refreshing to find a fairy tale with real honesty. i.e. Good doesn’t always trump evil and lovers rarely find their way back to each other’s arms.

I can say that I’m happy the series is finally over, as it should have been some time ago (looking at you, Lion). And should I ever want to see these characters again, I’m much happier reading their old adventures than awaiting new ones.

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