Review: Don’t Let Me Go

Don't Let Me Go
Don’t Let Me Go by J.H. Trumble
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I honestly can’t remember where I heard the early buzz for this book. All I do remember is putting it on my wishlist and checking the release date every Tuesday for at least a month before I was finally able to download it to my nook. I gotta say, it was well worth the wait.

Don’t Let Me Go is told from the point of view of Nate, a gay high school senior recounting his relationship with Adam, his first and only boyfriend, and the many events that bind them together. When Adam leaves Texas to work off off-Broadway for a few months, things threaten to fall apart and their love is put through some heavy trials.

Let me just say, I had some worries early on, thinking that this could turn out to be some shallow romance story of young gay love (*cough* Boy Meets Boy *cough*), but the more I read, the more I was hooked. There were more than a few nights that I didn’t get in bed until 3AM because I didn’t want to stop reading. I was just that involved in the story, which is a rarity for me as most books have to fight for my attention. I don’t take the world of fiction very lightly, boys and girls.

What J.H. Trumble managed to do here was capture that teenage passion and emotion so accurately, it was almost unnerving. Multiple times in the book I would catch something all too similar to my own experiences 10 years ago (sometimes less, but let’s not go there), whether it be fights with boyfriends, that dramatically unyielding desire to be with someone or simple interactions between former friends. I could see pieces of myself in Nate, Adam and Luke (a closeted gay boy in Nate’s school) to the point where I actually felt embarrassed realizing my own past actions were mirrored on the page. I know so, so many readers, gay or straight, will see themselves there too and it’s one of the things that make this book such a valuable read regardless of age, gender or orientation.

These characters are so honest and real that their actions can make you sting or your heart melt. I liked these people and enjoyed learning their ins, outs, desires and motivations. Hell, I, the self-professed anti-romance cynic (newly appointed as of Summer 2011) even got misty eyed over moments between Nate and Adam. Granted it didn’t make me want to run out and start dating again, but it did remind me of what it felt like to throw yourself into someone heart and soul (read the book, you’ll get it), regardless of consequence.

If Goodreads allowed half stars, this would be a 4.5, missing the 5 star mark only because I’m stingy with the stars and I have some minor issues with the last 2 chapters. But hey, that’s only due to the fact that I’m a cynical bastard with just a few blocks’ walk to Thirtiesville.

But don’t let my curmudgeony attitude deter you. READ THIS! I absolutely loved it and will be pushing it on my friends startinnnnng…now.

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5 thoughts on “Review: Don’t Let Me Go

  1. Wow. I don’t know what to say but . . . thank you. I told myself early on, if I touched one person, if one person found himself or herself in the story, then I’d consider it successful. I’m very honored by your response.

    • You’re very welcome! And thanks for commenting again. It completely lifts my spirit :).

      I think a lot of people are going to identify with your characters and (hopefully) gain some new understanding of themselves. I only wish books like this had been readily available to me when I was a teen. But at least they exist at all! Now I just have to buy a physical copy to loan to friends.

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