Death of a Vibram

Last year I became a Vibram toe shoe convert, thrusting myself into the lifestyle with gusto. I started out with a pair of KomodoSports, one of Vibram’s more sporty styles. I loved them so much that I soon found it impossible to wear anything else, not just because of the amazing comfort they provide, but also because my ankle, knee and back pains virtually disappeared after I made the switch. The only problem was that the salesman wasn’t well versed in the ways of Vibram shoes and sold me a pair one size larger than what I needed. They fit well at the time, but what he and I didn’t know was that Vibrams have a habit of stretching with constant wear.

It wasn’t long before I bought my second pair, this time in the form of the ever-popular KSO. I figured they would be the best for every day use, since they hug the ankle and prevent debris from getting inside, unlike the Komodos. Well, I’ve worn them so much that I’ve put them in an early grave.

Somehow, I managed to wear a hole in each shoe, in exactly the same spot. I’m not really sure how I did that, unless this is some kind of defect, but I haven’t heard of this happening to anyone else.

I know you must be thinking, “Why would you want shoes that wear out like that?” And my only answer is that, once you try them you’ll understand. The first loss of a pair of Vibrams isn’t aggravating so much as heart breaking. It’s like watching a beloved pet run into traffic. Sure, I’ve still got my Komodos, but I try to reserve those for jogging or exercise. So until I have some income (thanks crappy Tuscaloosa job market), I’ll be bebopping around in them.

However, I have heard that with a bit of something called Shoe Goo, torn Vibrams can be partially restored to their former glory. For more info this method, check out this post over at Naturally Engineered.

So, it may be a sad day knowing that my KSOs will have to be put out to pasture, but at the same time I’m dreaming of what style I’ll buy next. I’m lookin’ at you, TrekSport.

If you’re interested in getting into the Vibram lifestyle, you have to check out Birthday Shoes. It’s the ultimate resource for all things minimal footwear. Happy walking!


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