Random Tamagotchi Update by Guest Blogger Stevo PUNCH! GO!

Let the Tamagotchi Extravaganza BEGIN!

The chances are that if you’re reading this particular blog, you already know what a Tamagotchi is. If, however, you don’t, I’ll give you a little bit of a refresh.


Tamagotchi is the self-proclaimed “original virtual pet,” released in Japan around 1997. The Tamagotchi turned out to be a hit with not only girls but also boys.

Other companies jumped on the bandwagon and began releasing their own version of virtual pets. I divided these into three main categories:

1) Tamagotchi

2) Mainstream, which included brand name pets such as GigaPets and NanoPets

3) Knock-off Brands (including the Dinkie Dino and Dinkie Penguin which were actually not bad)

Anyway, the Master- er, I mean, Josh, has agreed to my suggestion to post blogs about Tamagotchi.

Now, let me say, Japan has had SO many consistent releases of Tamagotchis. You could literally make a hobby out of collecting JUST Tamagotchis- not including the merchandise that’s come from them, but just the pets themselves.

Another big issue I have is that, for whatever insane reason, the American releases have almost invariably been a parody of the Japanese versions. Instead of just taking the same electronics and translating them, someone gets the bright idea to remove features or change characters.

But that’s not what this entry is about.

No, friends, this entry is about the Tamatown Tama-Go and how furious it makes me.

On the upside, I have to say that I shouldn’t be complaining, since I got the Tamatown Tama-Go for free. How did that happen, you may ask? Simple: I had ordered it, but upon watching Youtube reviews, canceled my order: twice. The first time, my internet wasn’t working, and so Amazon.com didn’t send me a confirmation email. The second time, I was able to see both emails had gone through.

Tamatown TamaGo

Then, lo and behold, the company sent me an apology email, saying they had canceled my order, then shipped it anyway, and then said it was their mistake, and so I didn’t need to return the item.

So, what IS the Tamatown Tama-Go, you may ask?

Why, it’s the latest dumbed-down version of Tamagotchi, made specifically for non-Japanese!

Tamatown Tama-Go is a parody of the Tamagotchi+ Color/Tamagotchi iD in Japan. In other words, it’s not in color, and it lacks several features present in the Japanese versions.

Tamagotchi+ COLOR!

The toy itself is larger than an an ACTUAL egg and runs on two AAA batteries.

Now, the “creative” aspect of Tamatown Tama-Go is that it comes with a Tamagotchi figurine that you slide on top of it. The figurine that comes with the Tama-Go contains one game. Other figurines, sold separately, have more games and items, which you can only access when the figurine is slid on the top of the Tama-Go.

Now I know how Sailor Moon felt with her last wand…

Tama-Go has an easy-to-use pause feature that requires just pressing the A and B buttons. No problem there. And when you press them again, you will start back at the actual time and not at the time you left off. So that much is intriguing.

The sound is strange and filtered; you can tell someone put this product out there and was like, “Eh, good enough.” It has an echoing, muffled sound, if that makes sense.

The Tama-Go features several different gray colors in order to create backgrounds and such; your Tamagotchi is mostly hanging around his house.

And of course, the Tamagotchi+ Color’s feature of remodeling one’s house is included- except you can only choose from five different backgrounds, and it costs a whopping 5000 points to remodel the house.

The food is one of THE most disappointing aspects of the entire thing; you begin with the option of Pork and Beans for the meal and Milk for the snack. You can buy more items, but instead of actually expanding your food, you get a limited supply. This is, in a way, more realistic, but at the same time, it’s annoying, since even as early as the Tamagotchi Connection V3, there were four options BY DEFAULT for both the meal and the snack.

Of all the food in the world to make the “default” meal, WHY did it have to be Pork and Beans? Sounds to me like someone’s out to offend our Jewish brothers and sisters. Scummy anti-Semitic greed monsters making knock-offs of their own products…!

And really, MILK? Since when in the bloody hell has MILK been a snack? Milk is healthy; even in that blasted episode of Gumby with his square-boobed mother, milk is what they drink for their break, and his mother decides to bring crackers in as the “snack.”

Because we all know that saltines give our devilish parts a tingle.

Where was I? OH!

The Tama-Go is a step back compared to earlier versions, but this isn’t the first time a step back was taken, either. I recently also ordered a Tamagotchi Connection V4.5, which features five games plus mini-games, a mail system, the Tamagotchi going to school and later work, and “life points” that determine the Tamagotchi’s personality in the realms of Intelligence, Beauty, and Spirituality. The Tamagotchi V5, also known as the Familitchi, removes those features, though it does have other interesting aspects, but they still aren’t as developed.

The Tama-Go doesn’t go to school; it doesn’t go to work; it doesn’t have the mail function; it only has two games within the toy itself and additional games if you slide in a figurine.

Instead, it has the Door Option of going to the Shop, going to play Games, and going to the Park.

The Shop is no big deal; you can buy items or remodel your house. The Park is kind of cute in a way, as the Tamagotchi *may* run into another Tamagotchi, and then they play together.

The Games are the ONLY aspect of the Tama-Go I would even consider to be praiseworthy; Shoot the Bug may not sound exciting, but it’s actually kind of fun, and Long Jumper isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it, too, is more fun than Tamagotchi games of the past, many of which were ridiculously hard and sometimes confusing, since different games will decided that “Left and Right” are determined by “A and B” and others will make it “A and C.”

On a positive note, my first go-ground with the Tama-Go, I got KuroMametchi, who looks like a punk version of Mametchi. Mametchi is kind of the signature character of the Tamagotchi franchise, along with Mimitchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi and a few other adorable Tamagotchi.


I should also point out something important: on the Tamagotchis of Old, one’s care for the Tamagotchi determined its eventual adult character.

Now, on the new Tamagotchis, this is true- to an extent. From what I can gather, you can basically abuse them in one stage but then bring their health up in another stage to get a better character. I *may* be incorrect about this.

The plan for the Tamatown Tama-Go now is to ship it off to Josh and let him review it as well.

My ultimate plan is to give away most of my Tamagotchis and end up with the Tamagotchi+ iD L 15th Anniversary version. This is THE latest release in Japan, debuting around last November, and it’s by far one of the nicest ones out there, with great characters and features. However, it also costs around $100, so it’s not a purchase to be made lightly or quickly.

Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary

The downside of the Tamagotchi iD L 15h Anniversary version: it’s (allegedly) the same size as the freakin’ Tamatown, but at least it’s in color and has extended features, like being able to take your Tamagotchi to a restaurant, and, after having raised a few generations, your Tamagotchi being able to have dinner with its parents and grandparents. I like the sound of that!

We’ll see how that goes.

For my next entry, provided Josh doesn’t kill me over this one, I’ll try to post about the Tamagotchi Connection V4.5, which is my favorite so far.

Take it easy!



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