Reading Update

As is now tradition, I received a Barnes and Noble gift card for Christmas. The poor thing only survived for a day, but in its place I have three new ebooks. One of which I have already written a review for.

Currently, I’m reading City of Bones by Cassandra Claire. I came across this one while browsing ebook titles for free on my nook during one of my many visits to Barnes and Noble. The first chapter intrigued me and I immediately put it on my wish list, where it sat for months until I had the scratch to throw at it. But now that I have it, I’m wondering what about it I found so interesting to begin with. Maybe my reading preferences have changed since last year, but were I to pick this up now, I likely wouldn’t plunk down the cash.

See, the problem I’ve noticed is that everyone in this book speaks in the exact same manner: rigid and waspy. Am I really supposed to believe that these two Brooklyn teenagers talk like NPR hosts and have amazing vocabularies, probably provided by a New York public school? No, sorry, I’m not buying this story.

And what the hell is with the constant bombardment of classic literature, art and, of all things, anime references? Miss Claire seems to want to show off her geeky knowledge of pop culture and books. But the references get irritating, at least for me.

I’m about 40% through with the book, so I’m hoping this will come together and really compel me to read on, if not download the next one. As long as it turns out to be better than Cinda Williams Chima’s piece of tripe The Warrior Heir (which I didn’t even bother to finish), then I’ll be satisfied with the purchase.


3 thoughts on “Reading Update

  1. I’m not even sure I made it through the first chapter of City of Bones. I couldn’t get past the main character staring at herself in the mirror and describing herself, or, as I recall, describing the living room in detail while something slithered outside in the hallway. I’m surprised to read your comment about Warrior Heir. I haven’t read any of Chima’s books, but I expected them to pretty good. Now I’m going to have to take a look 🙂

    • Yes, City of Bones is really testing me on my willingness to finish it. And the problem with Warrior Heir was that the writing could get really sloppy and you would be blindsided with things that Chima hadn’t pre-established. Like suddenly the main character is seeing ghosts and he’s all, “Golly gosh darn, those annoying ghosts. Let’s go somewhere else, gang.” I might try to finish it one day, but it would be out of sheer boredom.

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