Felicia Day and the Power of the Geekdom

Let history forever mark this day as one that shall live in infamy. The good kind, I mean…Infamy can be good, right?

Anyway, yes, this is quite a day in the world of Geekery as it is host to the official launch of Felicia Day’s newest media venture, Geek & Sundry.

Geek & Sundry is a dedicated website and youtube channel to all of those things that those of us who have an aversion to sunlight enjoy most, whether it be tabletop games, works of fiction, comic books or just more of The Guild, which we love oh so much.

The way it works is like so: through the Geek & Sundry youtube channel viewers will be fed a variety of nerdy shows covering various topics. So far, we have been treated to The Flog, in which Felicia herself talks about the things that interest her, followed by some real world adventures (blacksmithing. Woohoo!). Then there’s TableTop, hosted by none other than geek (rock?) god, Wil Wheaton. This is where the board gamers will get their jollies in, as Wil has various nerdy celebs join him for different games, giving the viewers an easy-to-understand guide to how the game works. Honestly, I’m not a tabletop gamer due to the fact that I lose far more often than I like (though I can kick your ass at Clue: Master Detective), but I watched the entire 30 minutes of this video just for the hilarity.

The third show launched today is the first in a series of motion comics from Dark Horse (who, incidentally, also happen to publish The Guild comics), leading out with the first chapter of The Secret. And even though I’ve never been a big fan of the motion comic revolution, I have to say I was pretty enthralled by this one. The artwork (some fantastic watercolor work) comes alive beautifully and far more naturally than I had anticipated. And the mystery will have me coming back for more. There are plenty of other comics that will get the motion treatment soon, including Hellboy, so keep your eyes on this one.

And finally, there was a wonderful little gift for all us Guild fanatics in the form of a new music video featuring the cast performing a rock anthem of geek power. Even if you’re not familiar with The Guild (and if you aren’t, then what the hell are you doing here?) you should really appreciate this one.

The point of this channel is to do what most all the major broadcasters aren’t: pull in the geek demographic and give us some real entertainment suited to our interests. Sure, CBS has Big Bang Theory, but other than that, TV is a barren wasteland of nerdiness (except you, My Little Pony. I haven’t forgotten about you *strokes rainbow-colored mane*).

I so greatly admire what Felicia is doing in new media and I REALLY hope this turns out to be a successful venture. There are plenty of other shows in the pipeline and I eagerly anticipate each one (Sword and Laser, anyone?). So be sure to subscribe through youtube, twitter, Google+, Pinterest or wherever your social media preferences lie. And thank you, Miss Day! If I weren’t a hardcore homosexual, I’d be totally into you.


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