Art Commission by the Badass Terry Blas

During one of my (many) recent bouts of writer’s block, I commissioned my friend, the awesome Terry Blas, to do a piece based on an original character of mine who is, coincidentally enough, also named Terry.

Behold Terry Rayner! Terry is a super hero I came up with many years ago in high school. It wasn’t until about two years ago that I actually starting writing his story, thanks in part to the amazing late Perry Moore and his book Hero (my original review here). After an email conversation with Mr. Moore, I finally found the drive to get to work on my own hero story. I hadn’t taken the time before that to actually write about Terry, because I was sure no one would ever read a story about a gay super hero.

And while I’m still struggling with the writing (damn you, self doubt!) I figured this would be a good way to keep me inspired. Havng an actual visual representation of him really gets my juices flowing. Terry (the real one, not the cartoon) even took some creative liberties with the look of those tendrils and I LOVE how they came out. This is now the background on my computer and tablet, that way I can look at it and remind myself that there’s no excuse not to finish the story.

Check out Terry’s deviant arttumblr and website, where you can find more of his work, the Gnerd Podcast and his awesome webcomic, Briar Hollow. And look for the comic version of myself on page 18 of Thursday (3rd panel, far left).


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