Customers Receiving Botched Nexus 7s (And I’m One of Them)

Ah, there’s nothing like the sting of disappointment, is there? You spend a few weeks getting yourself all psyched up about something, then reality makes you its bitch. Thus began my Tuesday afternoon.

In a grand bout of First World Problems, I came home to find my brand new Nexus 7 on the doorstep. I ripped open the box, fired it up and, oh wait, what’s this? The left side of the screen seems to be detached. Lovely! And would you look at that. When I hold it, the thing makes a sticky popping sound and the screen distorts. How brilliant.

Yes, it seems Google isn’t having such a smooth launch of its first Nexus tablet. Hundreds of buyers are reporting that their screens are equally borked, resulting in a high number of replacement requests. Sad news, considering a fair chunk of preorders have yet to be filled and the ASUS-made device is already on backorder.

The good news is that Google has a 15 day replacement policy, however, just how soon ASUS is able to get those units out the door remains to be seen.

But let’s not dive into a panic just yet. This is a new and highly in demand product and is bound to have its share of launch issues. And before any of you Apple loving jerks say anything, just remember this: Antennagate.

If you’re the adventurous type, a quick (but not necessarily permanent) fix has been discovered over on XDA. Apparently it’s as simple as popping off the back and tightening some screws, but fair warning: you run the risk of breaking your tablet or voiding your warranty, meaning you’ll be stuck with your hack job of a repair if you F it up.

Otherwise let’s just sit back, relax and cradle our warranty cards for a while longer as we wait for our replacements to arrive.


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