The Nexus 4 or How Google Wised Up and Dropped Samsung

If you’re a Android fanatic like I am, then you’re probably aware that Monday was the long-awaited announcement of the new line of Nexus devices from Google, namely the LG Nexus 4 (though other Nexus devices were announced).

For the past 2 years, if you wanted the newest Nexus phone you had to suffer with one of Samsung’s toddler-grade products. It’s no secret that I despised the Nexus S and got rid of it after 2 weeks. And though I haven’t chronicled it as much, I have a bipolar love/hate relationship with the Galaxy Nexus (read shitty Wifi/cell antennas). But it looks like that might change once the Nexus 4 is released.

Featuring a nice bump in specs (view the full rundown here) and first to run Android 4.2, the 4 will first be available in the Google Play store in 8 and 16 gigabyte flavors starting November 13. For geeks like me, that’s a little disappointing since the Galaxy Nexus features a robust 32GB of space, which is easy enough to fill with your Spotify or Google Music downloads. But I guess that’s what the cloud is for…if you’re not on Sprint’s painfully slow 3G network.

As of right now, the only announced carrier that will offer the phone on contract is T-Mobile, though it’s possible Verizon or at least Sprint will get a variant for their CDMA/LTE networks. If you’re an AT&T prisoner subscriber then you can pick one up off-contract in the Play store, which is a good way to go since it won’t cost that much more than contract price and you won’t have to lock yourself in for another 2 years.

Me? I might consider jumping the Sprint ship for T-Mo, but that’s another post.


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