5 Seasons and a Disappointment [Community Gets the Ax]


Last week the networks announced which shows got the ax and which got picked up for another season. For TV fans, this is an important/nerve-wracking time of year and if you’re a fan of Community like myself, then you’ve already heard the news.

NBC offed the series after the current run of its fifth season, which makes the Save Greendale plot line all the more ironic and brings an end to Dan Harmon’s prophecy of “six seasons and a movie.”

The show, which had a devout geeky fanbase thanks to its excellent writers and perfect cast, will be sorely missed when the Fall season starts and NBC trots out a new line of inevitable too-good-for-TV lineup and repeats the time-honored process once again. But fear not, we still have Parks and Recreation to look forward to and (no spoilers) thanks to the mind-blowing season finale, there will be a whole new direction and dynamic for the series. I don’t know how they’re going to do it, but after six seasons of continuous perfection I have a faith that it will not disappoint.

How do you feel about the cancellations? Any of your favorite shows get the firing squad?


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