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Pre-Rumblings [Kami-Con Season 3]

Well, well, well. Here we are again. Nearly a year gone by and it’s already time for another Kami-Con.

Last year, I made a post following the weekend-long event, giving it an overall thumbs-up with minor complaints. However, the hosting organization felt otherwise and I got wind of a special meeting held just to whine about how insulted they were that someone criticized their precious convention. To them I say: Grow the fuck up. Instead of bitching about me (and others whom you received complaints from), work on improving your convention, like a REAL organization would, instead of hugging each other and crying about it.

I wholeheartedly stand by everything I said in that previous post and see that I was even greatly generous in giving praise, skipping over many of my major dissatisfactions. Don’t expect the same generosity this year, should I see a train wreck happen.

Oh, and by the way, while I am not affiliated with any UA organization (I’m not even a student anymore), there are whisperings of the maybe-not-so-kosher workings of Kami-Con. Illegal gambling, anyone?

Now, since that’s out of the way, I can proceed.

Because I was, in fact, impressed with the convention at large last year, I have taken the liberty of preregistering for Kami-Con Season 3, which takes place this weekend, Feb. 19-20, at the University of Alabama’s Ferguson Center. With my DSi in pocket and a fresh paycheck in the bank, I imagine it to be an eventful two days, though this year I pray that actual interesting panels will be held that might pique my interest. I can’t say that I’m too jazzed about the idea of sitting around, connecting Pokewalkers with strangers again. Though I am really excited about the special Pokemon Center room. I’m sure you’ll catch me in there.

Now, don’t worry. I’m going to remain as objective as possible when it comes time for me to write up my thoughts, I just don’t plan on sugar coating anything.

Until then, Space Cowboys!

(click here for more info on Kami-Con)

A Little Help [Video Game Marathon for Charity]

Hey, those of you who do lurk around here. I want to pimp out a quick charity event going on at the University of Alabama this weekend.

Starting Friday, November 5th at 6pm, a live-streaming video game marathon will be held to benefit Child’s Play, a charity that donates video games, movies and toys to children’s hospitals. Viewers are encouraged to “buy” penalties to apply to a team of their choosing. All the money from these purchased penalties will go straight to the charity. Plus, many of them are pretty hilarious. Wouldn’t you like to see someone try to completely A Link to the Past with their thumbs stuck in a Chinese finger trap?

PIXELthon, as it is called, is hosted by ABXY, UA’s gaming organization and presented by PixelCon, UA’s annual video games convention.

We’re trying to raise a lot of money for this organization, so your donation matters! Here are some links:


You can also search PIXELthon on Facebook for some more info.

Please, help the children!


*sigh* Remember how I said that it was almost a sure thing that I would be done with my Knives Chau scarf by the weekend? That was like the cake.

A lie.

Okay, so I have a good excuse! I was in Tullahoma/Nashville for a night and a day then in Huntsville, Alabama for another day. So knitting took a backseat to hanging out with Ashley, listening to the witty, dulcet tones of Jay Brannan (I side-hugged him!) and 4-wheeling on Mark’s farm.

Read on for photos and more!

A Stitching Bitch

2010-09-07 2010-09-07 001 001

Well, it’s been slow going these 3 weeks, what with spending every Thursday through Sunday in Birmingham doing work and having days where I just don’t want to pick up a needle (does that sound druggy?), but so far I’ve completed around 5 feet of the scarf. It’s nothing beautiful, but it does feel nice to be doing something productive. Though, shouldn’t I be spending that time writing?

F it.

Should I spend the next 3 to 4 days doing an entire block of color a day, then I’ll be finished by the weekend. Yays! The only problem is that the technique I’m using causes the sides to roll, which wasn’t stated on the website I found it on. Josh, you fool! Purling on the edges? It was so obvious! I brandish my fist angrily at the middle-aged woman who neglected that information.

In other news, tomorrow afternoon I’m leaving for Tullahoma, Tennessee to meet my friend Ashley where we will immediately gun it to Nashville for *duh duh-duh duuuuhhhh!* Jay Brannan in concert!

Jay Brannan 000202e6

Ain’t he adorable? Such a pretty voice and so very homosexual. If you’d like to see him in a very compromising position, I suggest you watch the movie Shortbus.

Reflections of Kami-con


This past weekend saw the second year of Kami-con at the University of Alabama. I didn’t attend last year because I don’t think I knew about it until after the fact. This year, however, I attended because I knew plenty of people going/working the event plus my taiko drum group was set to perform the second day of the convention.

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