Alabama’s Flawed Political System

It’s that time. Gubernatorial elections are months away and the smears have begun. This year, they’re worse than ever.

I was watching TV tonight when my viewing pleasure was ruined with ad after ad for republican candidates. This wouldn’t be such a problem if they weren’t fear-mongering.

Case in point: in a message for one candidate (I didn’t catch the name and I refuse to subject myself to more of these things just to find it), he accuses an opponent of believing in evolution and professes to make sure “God” stays in the school systems. Yes, America, this is still how the general population of Alabama thinks. Government candidates tell us that if your child goes to school in Alabama, they WILL know that the Judeo-Christian God made a man and a woman from dirt at the end of the week.

Another one of my favorites involves a candidate using big scary words like “Abortion” to horrify citizens into voting for him so that he can put a stop to the practice, ensuring that if you are raped in the state of Alabama and are impregnated as a result of said action, you get to keep that little reminder of the worst thing you’d have ever experienced in your life.

Want more? How about Bradley Byrne’s promise to make sure Obama’s health care reform doesn’t set foot in the state of Alabama? That’s right, you still get to bury yourself in debt over your cancer treatments. He promises that to make sure Alabama is run according to “god’s law” and he promises that he’s “conservative to the core.” You’re not helping yourself, Byrne.

Oh, and let’s not forget Tim James’s belief that if you live in Alabama, you have no choice but to be forced into learning and speaking English at all times. He makes it a point to mention this in his campaign ads. He can’t even go 10 seconds without reiterating that he’s a businessman, because that somehow qualifies him for a government position.

It even baffles me that some people believe the education system here is fine, when we’re facing all-time highs in illiteracy. The school system here is absolutely abysmal and nearly all private schools in the state are church-run, underfunded and force their staff to agree not to associate with sinners, watch R-rated movies or be near alcohol. I’m not exaggerating, this is IN their contracts.

The fact is, each Republican candidate wants to prove they’re more Christian, more conservative, more holy, more righteous than the other. Because if you live in Alabama, you have to prove how much you believe in the Bible. Everyone else can get the fuck out.

This is why I’m ashamed to ever say that I grew up here. For decades, our conservative Republican politicians have destroyed the state, many of which have also been found to have involvement in bribery, sexual scandals and under-the-table dealings.

WAKE UP, ALABAMA! Do you not see all the lies you’re being fed every day? Religion has no place in government. How would you feel if suddenly your precious Christian community were run by radical Muslims, enacting policies that strip away your basic rights as a human being? So why should your ideals be forced on the general populace?

We are NOT a state of white, church-going, like-minded beings. We are diverse and many and one’s beliefs should not overpower another’s. Keep your “god” out of my government, out of my bedroom and out of our schools.

To close, I’m going to quote a friend of mine:

Dear [insert name of any Alabama candidate for governor, senator, representative, or register of deeds]…

Your heavily advertised belief in the Bible does not qualify you for any elected position. The fact that you use this statement in every one of your advertisements only emphasizes your lack of experience and should disqualify you (and many of your opponents) from holding the office of county ditch digger, much less anything of higher importance. While some politicians put the interests of their state above their own, these individuals are the exception to the rule. Even the most corrupt politician goes to church every Sunday. You are no different or better than your opponents and will only add to the problems facing our state.

Hugs and Kisses,


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In order to try and break myself of forcing out the Great American Novel, I took time to do a writing exercise. Nothing spectacular, but it really helped to break away from mulling over the same paragraph for an hour. I’ve really got to learn to just bang it out and worry about it in the editing process. Only then can I become true Jedi.