Virtual [Pet] Insanity

I’d like to start off by thanking Stevo for his inaugural guest post here on Geekery Converged. That was born from a conversation about his recent resurge of interest in the world of Tamagotchis. In fact, it got me feeling nostalgic, so I dug through my closet and found a few of my old friends.

I was a lonely child.

Yep, that is what is left of my old virtual pet collection. Over the years about 4 or 5 have gone missing, some of which I was very fond of, including the Buzz Lightyear 3-in-1 virtual pet. I’m still hoping might turn up one day. You can see a video of it here.

The green and blue Tamas on the top right are the most recent additions, having been purchased around ’06/’07 when I worked at Toys R Us. They are Tamagotchi Connections v1 and v3, and the two that I decided to put new batteries in. However, the green one only lived for about a day because I realized how crappy the v1 Connections were and yanked the battery. The v3 was a vast improvement, so I decided to raise it exclusively. And today I was made the proud parent of an adult Pyonkotchi.

I know, you’re thinking, “Why the hell did you need so many virtual pets?” Well, I was a generally unhappy kid and my family tended to reward my good behavior and grades with whatever crap I was into at the time. Granted, a number of these were my brother’s, but the majority were mine. Hell, I have 3 versions of the cat, including: original, 2nd gen and KFC (yes, as in chicken) special edition.

But the one I obsessed over most of all was this:

Sabrina was one of my few girl crushes.

Yes, Salem the cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I LIVED for TGIF (unhappy kid, remember?) and Sabrina was not to be missed in my house. So when they turned Salem into a Giga Pet, I couldn’t rest until it was mine. Actually, it’s pretty amazing just how many Sabrina toys I had, none of which were meant for boys.

At some point I’m sure I’ll buy those damn button batteries and resurrect him for a week, but until then I’ll be seeing how long I can keep my Tamagotchi alive.


Random Tamagotchi Update by Guest Blogger Stevo PUNCH! GO!

Let the Tamagotchi Extravaganza BEGIN!

The chances are that if you’re reading this particular blog, you already know what a Tamagotchi is. If, however, you don’t, I’ll give you a little bit of a refresh.

REFRESH-ACTIVATE, GO!!! Continue reading

Zen for the Day [Gundam]

Last Summer, Bandai released a new 1/144 model of the RX-78-2 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Gundam franchise. I was so excited to finally get a kit for the RX-78-2 (I had ordered one online previously but due to a stock issue, I was saddled with the GP01 instead), but the fact that it was a special edition kit made me terrified to build it.

CIMG0953 Flash forward to today, I decided to just suck it up and build the little bastard. I was already getting sick of the box taking up space on my dresser anyway.

I have to say, the amount of articulation Bandai put into this 1/144 kit is astounding. There are TONS of panel lines (which were bitches to color) and the range of movement is really something. They even segmented the torso so you can bend his waist a few degrees, which makes all the difference in the world. It’s a far cry from the inclusion of multiple torsos in the Endless Waltz sets. I really hope this shows up in more 1/144 kits.

CIMG0967 If you’re like me and aren’t comfortable painting your sets (i.e. my Exia disaster) you won’t notice nipper marks on this guy with one BIG exception. The Gundam Hammer mace weapon he comes with (sorry, I didn’t think to take a picture of it) is spotted with marks from the runner so bad it’s just unsightly.

And yes, I know, I could paint it and all would be well, but I’m a pussy and definitely NOT an experienced Gundam builder. I don’t trust myself enough to do it properly and not fuck it up utterly, so it remains for now.

Aside from that, this set is absolutely beautiful. I dare say it has already taken the no.1 spot in my heart which was held by the 1/60 Exia for all of 48 hours. I just friggin’ love everything about this set!

If you’re interested in getting one for yourself, Gundam Store and More still has them in stock.


Gundammit to Hell

So remember that stuff about sucking it up and painting those Gundam parts? Shit got fucked up.

You see, I tried to spray the blue parts first and found that the can didn’t want to cooperate. The spray wouldn’t stop and everything just got all kindsa fucked up. After an emergency call to my favorite hobby shop an hour away (Homewood Toy and Hobby), I was told to soak the parts in brake fluid.

CIMG0937 Though it was a pain in the ass to clean them completely, the trick worked wonderfully. But the result was that all painting attempts were thrown out the fucking window.

Today I finally got around to putting my beautiful baby together. I started at 10 this morning and finished just before 6pm, only getting up to eat and pee. I even took the time to (poorly) line the panels with the specialized pen I bought last year.

And I absolutely love the end result. I guess the next logical step is a Master Grade…anybody wanna loan me $200?


He ain’t perfect or incredibly stunning, as I am quite talentless when it comes to building models, but he’s definitely my ne favorite. Now if only he fit on my display shelf with the others…

Armed and Ready

Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Partially because I’ve spent the past few weekends earning money and having fun while doing it, but mostly because I’m just lazy.

But I’m taking the time now to put a few words down.

CIMG0935 So, the thing I just want to mention is that after 2 months of having issues contacting anyone at Gundam Store and More, I finally got the issues with my gift certificates worked out and received the absolutely stunning Gundam 00 Exia 1/60 scale model in the mail yesterday that I only had to pay shipping on.

I’m a big fan of the Gundam universe and have done a several 1/144s and one 1/100, and this is by far the most complex model I will attempt to date.

It’s for this fact that I decided to actually do this one right. You see, I’ve never taken the time or made the effort to paint and fully detail any of my Gundams. But when you have a shiny new 1/60 sitting on your desk, you have to consider getting off your ass and doing it right.

Therefore, I spent the evening running around town to every hobby and craft store I knew of, which isn’t many at all in Tuscaloosa. But I was able to come away with $25 in spray paints that aren’t perfect matches for the plastic, but they’re so close that I’m sure I’ll barely notice…I hope.

I can be such a perfectionist about things like that and it’s becoming detrimental to my mental health. So if they aren’t spot-on, fuck it. I’m by no means a professional model builder, so I just have to do it and if it isn’t perfect just let it go.

Wow, that’s going to be difficult.

This will even be a chance for me to really break in those special Gundam panel lining pens I bought last year and never used.

So tomorrow will be an interesting day of me standing in the back yard hanging bits of plastic from the porch and meticulously spraying them down and having a fit over whether or not it looks good enough.

Considering the 1/100 Gundam 00 Dynames took me about 6 hours, I imagine this will take me an entire day of uninterrupted work, which probably won’t happen until Monday. Ugh! The anticipation.

Watchmen Legos Make Me Hot

Not that I wasn’t already hot for Doc M., but this just makes everything better.


Lego fans are obviously very cool people, eh? Now I love all of these, especially Dr. Manhattan, and I understand that these were made using a combo of paint, a steady hand and lego parts from other sets, but I have to give it an A- for simply using Batman’s mask for Night Owl.

Still, I would buy these in a heartbeat. Too bad Lego isn’t very interested in producing more sets that are adult oriented like these…Lego penis…interesting.

Lego Gets Technical

So this is pretty awesome. This thing comes to us from Germany. It’s a special kiosk with a screen and a camera. So, let’s say you’re looking at that nice new Lego Star Wars box and you’re wondering “Hm…I wonder how this looks put together.”

Well you’re in luck. Simply hold the box in front of the kiosk and on the screen is a “holographic” 3D representation of the Lego set.


This is pretty fucking awesome in every way. I wouldn’t expect to see these show up at the Walmart any time soon, but we can dream. Hell, I want this for my living room. Keep a bookshelf of boxes nearby and you’ve got an icebreaker. As always, click the pic for original article.