Geek Rant: Sexism in Comics

Watch all the way through. Get angry. Get involved.


Free Comic Book Day!

It seems I forgot to post my recent FCBD videos here, so here you go! There will be a new video later this afternoon, so stayed tuned.


Spandex: Fast and Hard. A Spoiler-free Comic Book Review.

Last week I found an exciting email in my inbox from Titan Books asking if I would like to review a new graphic novel hitting shelves next month. After I read the synopsis, I readily agreed.

Spandex: Fast and Hard is an indie title created by Brit artist Martin Eden and set in famous Brighton Beach, “gay capitol of the UK,” apparently (I’m a Yank, what do I know?). The series follows a group of seven super heroes, but these guys aren’t exactly what you’re used to seeing in the world of Marvel or DC. These heroes are a little bit queer. As in gay. Or bisexual. Mr. Eden is all-inclusive.

Fast and Hard collects the first 3 issues of Spandex in a hardback edition hitting shelves June 19. I think for most Americans this will be our first introduction to the title (it certainly was for me) and I believe indie comic fans and gay geeks alike will be interested. Think of it as Justice League meets Ghost World.

So how does it stack up in Josh’s overly-picky scrutiny? Hit the break to find out.  Continue reading