Frivolity and the iPod Shuffle

At the age of 26 (with 27 looming in the near future), I have noticed a change in my spending habits. Where once I spent money openly on expensive purchases, earned from a minimum wage retail job, I now tend to horde it and shy away from anything with more than a $30 price tag, even if it’s something I’m greatly in need of.

However, the gym has become a more common destination lately and after several bumps, bangs and drops of my original iPod Classic, I decided enough was enough.


That’s right, I, who vehemently decries the evils of Apple and refuses to give them any money, broke down and bought an iPod Shuffle. Had they not come back out with the older design and were still selling that horrible gum-packet piece of crap, this never would have happened. (Get over your button phobia, Steve Jobs.)

So far, I’m digging the little guy, even if it does take decades to load music onto it due to the fact that everything is done through the 3.5mm headphone jack.

This one definitely takes some getting used to. For one thing, Apple’s Voice Over is not preinstalled; you have to download it and put it on the Shuffle, which takes up a small amount of room. Without this, the dedicated Voice Over button is pretty much useless. After that I spent some time trying to figure out how to skip to different playlists (hold V.O. button until it reads the playlist names). Once you get it, it works smooth enough.

So, yes, where once I proclaimed I would never have any use for the Shuffle, I have changed my tune a bit. This is definitely a great device when you want to spend an hour on the treadmill while listening to podcasts or a workout mix. And I know I’ll use the hell out of this thing at work. However, I’m still very much on the anti-Apple bandwagon, so don’t expect me to show up with an iPad.


Workout Update 3

Day: 34
Workout: 17
Weight: 2-fuckin’-30
Program: Debbie Siebers’ Slim in 6, Start It Up.

So, apparently something is happening, as my jeans seem to be a little looser than normal, but I can’t say I’m a big fan of my scale at the moment. Granted, sticking with a routine is hard, not because of the actual activity, but because some days it just hasn’t been possible.

For example: From May  20-24, I was in Birmingham working weddings, which had me so exhausted and sore in the back area that I had to take 2 days off afterward to recuperate (granted, these weekends are pretty much 12 straight hours on my feet of lifting, loading, running and other similar verbs). Then there was last weekend spent between Birmingham and Atlanta. Not to mention a busy Memorial Day.

This leaves me with too sporadic a schedule, but I still try to adhere to it and get back on track as fast as I can. I even made up one weekend by going for a jog, which, in June in Alabama, is equivalent to running through a lake.

Still, I’m keeping with it giving my jiggly areas a stern swearing at daily.

Workout Update

Day: 14
Workout:  10
Weight: 230
Program: Debbie Siebers’ Slim in 6, Start It Up.

Well that’s crap. 14 days in and I’m still sitting at 230lbs. Ok, so I guess I have built up some muscle in the ass area already and my arms are stronger, but I would have liked for the needle to have dipped to 228. Still, it’s early in the routine and I shouldn’t expect drastic changes.

Now, I won’t be doing any workouts for the next 4 days, as I have to leave for Birmingham in the morning for a weekend of wedding work. We have 8, which will be a workout in itself. I plan to be very exhausted and sweaty from Thursday morning until Saturday night, so there will be some form of exercise involved.

Until then, keep swirlin’!

Workout Update

Day: 6
Workout: 5
Weight: 230
Program: Debbie Siebers’ Slim in 6, Start It Up.

I finally got around to weighing myself properly this morning after forgetting for 4 days. I was a bit surprised because two days ago, I hopped on the scale and it said 232. Though it could be water weight or what-have-you, I do think there is some preliminary weight loss happening after the 5th workout.

I’ve been continuing with the Start It Up section of the DVD until I no longer find it a challenge.

The biggest problem I’ve had is with all the holding your arms out straight. The first days I used the video, I didn’t have a problem, but now my arms get exhausted after a few minutes. This means I really have to work on my stamina in my arms.

So far, I’m enjoying the workout. It’s perfect for starting out and at 24 minutes, so you’re done in no time.

I’ll continue with the program for the next 3 days and do another weigh-in near the end of the week.

Sick of Sucking It In

Alright, sports fans. Today I have decided that I’m going to really commit to dropping the fat off my ass again.

For a while now, I’ve been trying to go out for daily walks around the neighborhood for an hour. Though that doesn’t always work out, I’m generally consistent with it. But now that the weather is getting to that state where it’s easier to perform your own appendectomy than breathe in the humidity outside, I’m turning to a more strenuous method for indoors.

For the next 2 months, I will be making the effort to work out along to Debbie Sieber’s Slim in 6 dvds. My mother purchased these last year, but only used them for a week, so now I’m going to put them to use.


Now, I know I won’t be able to do it EVERY day. It’s just an impossibility, but you’re supposed to take breaks now and then. My goal is to do the workouts at least 4 times a week and see how things go.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be weighing myself after a good BM with nothing but my skivvies on. And please don’t expect me to take before/after shots of my pudge. It’s not going to happen.

Hopefully, this will help me drop the Lbs a bit faster since it’s a higher intensity workout than just walking the streets. So don’t let me fall off the wagon, people. I need someone standing over me with a whip…wait a minute…